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Case Study 2

We were contacted by a customer who lived in an apartment which was in a converted building.

The conversion took place some 40 years before, but the building itself was 275 years old.

The apartment had a conventional heating system installed when they bought it. This meant that the hot water storage tank was in a large cupboard in the hallway taking up valuable storage space which they really needed to use.

As it would be unlikely that two sources of hot water would be needed at the same time in the apartment, it was decided a Worcester combi boiler would be the best choice. A combination boiler means no storage tanks are required, freeing up much needed storage space. The Worcester model was selected due to the customer wanting a powerful shower with maximum water flow rates – its one of the things Worcester boilers do best!

Customer Feedback

Last year my wife and I engaged Mark to install a new combi boiler in our first floor flat in Scarborough.

Accordingly, much needed to be done and we were looking for someone to provide a “one-stop-shop” solution for the sourcing of materials and equipment, and to the plumbing, tiling, plastering and electrical challenges that our project presented.

From our initial contact with Mark, we felt that we were “in safe hands”. He listened carefully to our requirements, advised on alternative approaches for their delivery, helped us to frame a realistic budget and committed to a firm start date.

Compared to contractors we have worked with in recent years, the quality and comprehensiveness of Mark’s written quotation was a model of clarity; it left no doubt about the detailed work to be done and was clear about what was, and was not, included.

Mark arrived on the date to which he had committed and worked diligently through to completion. He kept us informed of progress throughout, and left our property clean and tidy at the end of each day.We are thrilled with the end result that Mark has delivered; we now have lots more storage available since the new combi boiler has allowed the removal of a huge water tank that dominated our hall cupboard. Throughout our dealings with Mark the commitment to customer service has been clear, the attention to detail impressive and the overall professionalism an absolute breath of fresh air.Mark Tidd is in danger of giving plumbers a good name!

Mr Ian Wright, Scarborough
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